Frozen Red Grape

Frozen red grapes can be purchased as either whole berries or must in one of the following packages: 6 gallon buckets (5 gallons of must or 45 lbs of berries), 55 gallon drums (50 gallons of must or 450 lbs of berries), or 250 gallon plastic-lined cardboard totes (200 gallons of must or 1800 lbs of berries).

Frozen White Juice

Frozen white grape juice can be purchased in the following packages: 5 gallon buckets (4 gallons of juice), 50 gallon drums (39 gallons of juice), or 175 gallon totes (150 gallons of juice)

Fresh Grape

Fresh red and white grapes can be purchased in half or quarter ton plastic bins; the grapes will be delivered to a third party for inoculation and storage. After delivery to the processing center, the customer will be responsible for shipping them to their final destination.

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